Vacuum Truck Services for Puget Sound

Vacuum-Truck-Services-puget-sound-waOur heavy duty vacuum trucks and dependable vac truck crews are available at your call. They are designed specifically to load your industrial solid, liquid, sludge, or slurry wastes. This is done using suction lines attached on the vac truck to the source of the waste or spill for disposal.

Our services in Puget Sound provide:

•  Heavy duty vacuum trucks for our vacuum truck services
•  24/7 operation of vacuum truck services
•  One stop cleaning and transportation services

Being in the vacuum truck services business for as long as we have, we know that an emergency can happen anytime. We have properly maintained vacuum trucks and trained vac truck crews available on call in Puget Sound. You can count on our vacuum truck services to react fast and without delay.

Our vacuum truck services are very useful for transporting waste from cleaning services in various industries. We have vacuum trucks for each task.

We are experts in Puget Sound for industrial cleaning, waste handling and disposal, product transportation, sump pumping, oil and water separation, silo cleaning, military cleaning, and hazardous waste transportation services. Our vacuum trucks are maintained to serve all these!

Our vacuum truck services and vac truck crews are a great team to be used in cleaning of your septic system individually; in collecting and transporting spilled materials or contaminated soil; in pumping out grease interceptors if you run a restaurant; in cleaning of storage tanks and spills; in removing drilling mud, drilling cuttings, cement spills and in removing of brine water from production tanks. We have vacuum trucks to provide any truck you may need.

Vac Truck to Safely and Efficiently Transport Waste in Puget Sound

Vac-Truck-puget-sound-waWe are proud to be a member of PICS because it signifies our adherence to the standards set by the vacuum truck services industry for Puget Sound area. Our vacuum truck services ensure a stand-by emergency response trailer truck fully stocked with safety and emergency equipment. Our vacuum trucks and vac truck crews fully adhere to this requirement.

Not only do we want to adhere to Puget Sound’s laws and regulations regarding proper waste disposal; we also care for the environment and people of Puget Sound. Our vac truck is used to safely and efficiently transport any type of waste in Puget Sound.

Our vac truck crews dispose of wastes from:

•  Construction sites
•  Manufacturing plants
•  Petroleum services
•  Environmental industries

We handle all vacuum truck services professionally and diligently.

Vacuum Trucks for Storm Water Management in Puget Sound

vaccum-trucks-puget-sound-waWe also have vacuum trucks designed for storm water management in Puget Sound. Our attentive and flexible vac truck crews are trained to help out in your storm water management operations that need a vac truck. Our vac truck crews are knowledgeable in servicing and maintaining:

•  Storm drains
•  Sewer drains
•  Parking lot catch basins

We keep our vacuum trucks in Puget Sound clean and ready all the time for any of your vacuum truck services need. For vacuum trucks with experienced vac truck crews or for any vacuum truck services in Puget Sound, Certified Cleaning is here for you!