Tank Cleaning for Marine Vessels in Everett


If you need marine or industrial tank cleaning services in the Everett, WA area, you cannot make a better choice than Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. Our tank cleaning company has been servicing the marine industry since 1996, working on fuel as well as storage containers.

We have the expertise, experience, and capabilities to clean tanks for all big or small vessels whether we are called on for tank cleaning services to be delivered onboard a cargo ship, chemical tanker, gas tanker or barge. We pride ourselves as a locally owned tank cleaning company known throughout Everett for its amazing professionalism and incredible customer service.

Our excellent standing in the marine cleaning industry comes largely from our seasoned technicians who:

  • Are highly knowledgeable and skilled
  • Have access to top-notch cleaning equipment and solutions
  • Work meticulously and never rush through the job

Everett Tank Cleaning Services to Remove Sludge and Residue


It is always advisable to hire a tank cleaning company when it is time to have the tanks on your marine vessels cleaned. The job is certainly not for novices as it invariably involves removal of hazardous material residue from the tanks.

The sludge that tends to accumulate in the tanks comprises:

  • Dirt
  • Flammable residue
  • Corrosive substances
  • Greasy materials

Getting expert tank cleaning services in the Everett area from proven pros like ourselves is the best solution for vessel owners and users to make sure that their cargo containers and fuel reservoirs get cleaned in a correct and safe manner.

We can be trusted for top-quality tank cleaning services where the equipment of our customers is cleaned thoroughly, without any injury to the technicians or any damage to the vessel.

Why Choose Us as Your Tank Cleaning Company in Everett?


Hiring the right tank cleaning services is extremely important for optimizing the life of storage containers on your vessel and also to preserve the quality of cargo you deliver.

Protect both your investment and your business reputation by choosing us as the tank cleaning company to work within Everett! We are veterans of the industry and handle your job with:

  • Fast, yet very effective services
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Proven techniques
  • The finest in men, materials, tools, and technology

Another good thing about choosing us is that our superior services are economically priced.

Looking for a capable, dependable and affordable tank cleaning company in Everett? Get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. Call (888) 927-0078 now!