Spill Containment for Bellevue Industrial and Marine Spills


Spilling of oil, fuel or chemical can be extremely dangerous. It needs to be addressed with immediate and professional spill containment. This is exactly what Certified Cleaning Solutions, Inc. offers. We offer emergency spill control services in the Bellevue, WA area to take care of spillage accidents happening in industrial facilities and marine vessels.

There can be several reasons why the services of our spill response team may be required. We can be called for spill containment when spillage happens due to:

  • Punctured fuel tanks
  • Cracked or broken storage tanks
  • Tank rollovers
  • Overfilling

Whatever the situation, we are the right company to turn to for spill control and cleanup. Our technicians have extensive experience in spill containment and assure Bellevue customers of the most efficient handling of any hazardous spill.

Environmentally Safe Spill Control and Clean Up in Bellevue


Industrial and marine spills can endanger human life or health. The spills can also have a devastating impact on the environment. Contamination of the soil or water with chemicals and oils can compromise the safety of flora, fauna and aquatic life.

Bringing in untrained or inexperienced technicians for spill control in Bellevue can result in the inefficient and non-compliant cleanup of the spill, making the situation worse. That is why it makes sense to call us for industrial and marine spill response.

Our company quickly sends HAZWOPER trained technicians to chemical and oil spill cleanup jobs. We provide them with cutting-edge spill containment equipment and spill control products. These include:

  • Absorbent dispensers
  • Oil mops
  • Tanker tourniquets
  • Response shovels
  • Spill beams

24-Hour Spill Response Available in Bellevue


Any delay in spill response can significantly increase the magnitude of damage caused by the spillage. Nobody understands this better than us. We keep our emergency spill response team ready at all times so that control and cleanup of industrial or marine spills can begin as quickly as humanly possible.

The objective in making 24-hour spill response available in Bellevue is to control the situation for our clients fast before it results in:

  • Physical harm
  • Environmental damage
  • Financial loss
  • Municipal or legal liabilities

Our spill response and spill containment services are aimed at protecting the best interests of the client. You can rely on us for prompt and seamless spill control that gets your facility or operations back on track in no time.

Call Certified Cleaning Solutions, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 for industrial or marine spill containment services in the Bellevue area.