Oil Water Separator Tank Pumping for Washington State * Water Oil Separator Service


Protecting and conserving the environment is the obligation of every business. Maintaining your oil water separator tank pumping equipment in fine condition is one way you can do it. We, at Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. can help you discharge your ecological duty efficiently with our expert separator tank pumping and cleaning services.

Ours is a licensed business that has been serving the industries of Washington State since 1996. We take pride in the excellent reputation we have built on the strength of prompt response, thorough work, ethical practices and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

Water Oil Separator Cleaning Service Washington State * Separator Tank Pumping

Operating an industrial unit successfully and profitably is a very demanding job that has you on your toes 24 hours of the day. In such a situation, won’t you appreciate having a professional by your side to assist you in a very crucial aspect of your business – ensuring proper disposal of the waste water produced by your facility. Of course, you would!

CCS is a reputable oil water separator tank pumping cleaning company that helps the industrial facilities in the Washington State maintain their oil separator equipment so that they can rid their waste water of the oil content effectively and make it fit for discharging into the environment.

We make sure you have a well-maintained oil separator so that you can fulfill your environmental obligations without a hassle.

The services offered by us include:

• Oil Water Separator Tank Pumping and Maintenance 
• Tank Pumping 
• Tank Cleaning  
• Managing Emergency Spills  

Washington State Oil Water Separator Tank Pumping and Cleaning


Throughout the years that Certified Cleaning Services Inc. has served Washington State, it has focused on working in the clients’ best interests. With a belief that the quality of work we do today dictates the amount of work we would be doing tomorrow, we go all out to conduct our oil water separator tank pumping and cleaning services with sincerity, professionalism and diligence, that is second to none.

The key strengths of our business include:

• Quality workmanship delivered at the most competitive prices 
• Extensive customer base testament to our satisfying services 
• Qualified technicians, keep current with latest environmental cleaning technology 
• Technical excellence coupled with exceptional customer service 
• Dedicated services on all projects, regardless of their size 
• Available at all times for emergency services 

If you are looking for timely, economical and professional oil water separator tank pumping services, Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is the name to know! Call us at (206) 457-2528.