Industrial Cleaning Everett


As the owner or manager of an industrial facility, it is your responsibility to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the entire plant. It is best to hire professionals for that work. This is where Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. comes in.

We are the foremost sources for commercial and industrial cleaning services in Everett, WA. Our company stepped into the industrial and environmental cleaning business in 1996. Since then, we have worked hard to prove our exceptional capabilities.

We work in industrial facilities of all types and sizes. From oil and gas refineries to manufacturing facilities to warehouses and automotive repair shops, we can be called to all these and more for:

  • Ongoing industrial cleaning maintenance of the plant
  • One-time industrial cleaning services
  • After-hours emergency industrial plant cleaning services

Industrial Cleaning Services Everett


Our company has invested in a well-trained workforce and the most advanced equipment for providing top-notch industrial cleaning services to all its clients. No job is too big and difficult or too small for us.

We offer comprehensive, thorough industrial cleaning services for Everett facilities. Our clients receive the expertise of our technicians who clean away dirt, oily grime, chemical residues, stains, and sludge from all types of surfaces, including:

  • Floors, exhausts, and ducts
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipes and vaults
  • Process tanks and lines

Our technicians come prepared with time-tested cleaning supplies and powerful cleaning tools and technologies. Our HAZWOPER trained technicians are experts at confined space entry. They can be relied upon for flawless industrial cleaning services, where even the hard-to-reach places are cleaned properly.

Call us today to discuss your industrial cleaning maintenance needs in Everett.

Everett Industrial Cleaning Maintenance


Timely and proper industrial cleaning maintenance is not an option, but a necessity. Owners and managers of industrial facilities have to ensure cleanliness in the property to:

  • Provide a hygienic, safe workplace for employees
  • Reduce disruptions and accidents in daily operations
  • Keep the facility environmentally compliant

Do not think twice about hiring us for professional industrial cleaning maintenance in Everett if you recognize your responsibility towards the community and the environment. In fact, we help you avoid municipal penalties but also increase employee productivity and loyalty.

Let us help you maintain a clean and smooth-running industrial facility you, your employees, and the community are proud of.

If you want to learn more about the services offered by Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for industrial cleaning maintenance in the Everett area, call (206) 457-2528.