Call Us for Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Services In Bellingham

crude-oil-tank-cleaning-services-bellingham-waCleaning huge storage tanks that are used in the oil, gas, mining, and petrochemical industries is a dangerous task. It calls for the skills of qualified professionals, well-trained for confined space entry and well-equipped to perform oil sludge removal. Hiring the wrong contractor for crude oil tank cleaning services can lead to:

  • Serious injury to the cleaning crew
  • Revenue loss due to delay in returning the tank into operation
  • Improper tank cleaning that may contaminate future cargo

Turn right away to Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. if you need crude oil tank cleaning services in Bellingham, WA. A leading environmental and industrial cleaning company, we have been offering specialized services for oil sludge removal since 1996.

Our crude oil tank cleaning services in Bellingham are delivered thoroughly by a professionally trained workforce and are marked by timely and safe job completion.

Oil Tank Cleaning In Bellingham Is A Dirty Job! Allow Us To Do The Work!

oil-tank-cleaning-bellingham-waAfter use, oil tanks are usually left lined with a lot of corrosive material and sludge comprising greasy oil residues, pyrophoric iron sulfides, etc. Removing these can be a dirty and difficult job. However, you do not have to worry about oil sludge removal when we are here to do it for you.

We have invested in the latest technologies to ensure that crude oil tank cleaning services for Bellingham businesses are delivered in the most professional and highly satisfying manner. All oil tank sludge removal projects are handled using sophisticated equipment, including:

  • Robotic cleaning machines
  • Pressure wash units
  • Breathing air trailers
  • Vacuum trucks

Our crude oil tank cleaning services also involve the use of highly effective oil breaker chemicals.

What Exactly Does The Oil Sludge Removal Process Entail In Bellingham?

oil-sludge-removal-bellingham-waAs one of the leading oil tank cleaning companies around, we should be your first call for oil sludge removal services in Bellingham. Our seasoned technicians know exactly what the sludge removal process entails and can be trusted for a job done flawlessly.

We work along a carefully designed procedure for oil tank sludge removal, no matter how big or small the job. When called in for oil sludge removal, our experts:

  • Perform hazard or risk assessment of the site
  • Create a customized plan for tank cleaning
  • Apply suitable chemicals for softening the sludge
  • Remove sludge with techniques like water blasting, steam cleaning, vacuum suction

Call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 if you need oil sludge removal services in Bellingham.