Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers Lynnwood


Removing sludge, grease, oils, and chemical residues from any surface are not easy. It is challenging. However, these are things that accumulate day in and day out on floors, shelves, vents, hoods, equipment, and all other possible surfaces in several commercial facilities.

The good news is that Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. has the perfect solution for dealing with such greasy grunge. We offer the use of commercial hot water pressure washers in the Lynnwood, WA area to help businesses keep their facilities clean.

Relatively shorter drying time is another advantage of using commercial hot water pressure washers for cleaning your Lynnwood facility. While pressure washing with cold or normal water works effectively for several applications, an industrial hot water pressure washer is the best option in many situations. Here are some benefits of using an industrial water pressure washer with heat:

  • Accelerated cleaning process
  • Minimal use of detergents
  • Highly effective in the elimination of germs
  • Gentle on sensitive surfaces

Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washer Lynnwood


Our environmental and industrial cleaning company has been serving the community since 1996. Over time, we have developed wide-ranging deep cleaning capabilities ensuring dirt-free, sanitized premises for all our customers.

No commercial hot water pressure washing job is too big or complex for us to manage successfully. Equipped with our industrial hot water pressure washer, we clean every Lynnwood area facility that we are called out to:

  • Thoroughly
  • In the shortest time possible
  • With results that leave the client delighted

Think only of us when you need the services of an industrial hot water pressure washer. Do not waste your time or take chances with your investment by calling up someone else having commercial hot water pressure washers.

Lynnwood Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washing


Even though the technique is proven to be highly effective, the actual results of industrial hot water pressure washing depend a great deal on the quality of equipment used and the expertise of the technicians handling the job.

This is precisely why we are the right place to call for the services of an industrial hot water pressure washer in the Lynnwood area.

We have invested in top-of-the-line commercial hot water pressure washers and employ technicians who can operate the industrial hot water pressure washer:

  • Skillfully
  • Safely
  • To do impeccable work

When it comes to industrial or environmental cleaning with commercial hot water pressure washers, Lynnwood area businesses need not look any further than Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. Call (888) 927-0078.